FD44Editor.exe don't catching data

I don’t know what happens to my system, FD44Editor.exe just doesn’t run! I use a Windows 8.1 64 bit. Is it because it is 64 bits? I already tried it on our other PC which is a notebook with Windows 10, 64 bits too.
I hope there is a solution.

I remembered something and I will present here:
Before, whenever I tried to open bios files through UEFITools, ALL of them presented a message like this: “parseFile (…) is invalid”, but one day, with my research, I decided to install ‘Flip Atmel’; and after that, i realized that the message that UEFITools presented disappeared from all the files! Now in all of them only this appears: ‘parseFileHeader: file alignment 10h is greater than parent volume alignment 8h’ and nothing more! In the ‘Flip Atmel’ package comes the ‘java re’ and I believe that its installation fixed the problem that prevented UEFITools from reading the bioses correctly.

The FD44Editor, however, remains the same. He presents this message:

[Error parsing BIOS data.
BOOTEFI signature not found.
Please open correct ASUS BIOS file.]

And when clicking on ‘OK’, it does not ‘pull’ any data … so I deduce that there is still some feature missing in the system that is preventing the FD44Editor from working properly.

Thanks in advance for your attention.


I just tested fd44editor with a different motherboard bios file than the one I’m using and the program pulled the data from the file normally! That is, it seems that fd44editor does not work for the files on this board that I am with:

QCL40 LA-8221P
Rev: 1.0
Made In China

But it would be important if the program’s developer solved this problem.