FbChat python module and Access Token

Hello everyone,

I’m currently coding a small Messenger bot with python, and he is quite developped(~700 lines of code for now)

I’m using FbChat pyhon module, under python3 (3.6 I beleive)

I’ve created a Facebook account especially for the bot, almost empty, with only a profile picture(which is a draw of a robot)

Everything works almost perfectly, but at each launch of the program (= each reboot) facebook detect the connexion as “unwanted” (I donno the world in english, like a threat), and after some of those, Facebook block the account…

To unlock it, I had to send pictures of me to ensure “it’s not a robot” (quite funny isn’t it ?), and now it has been totally deleted, cause it doesn’t respect fb privacy (especially: “An account mussn’t represent an object, an animal, or anything else than yourself” and “Your account has to contain your real name and firstname”)

(ps I know this account do not respect thoses rules, but honnestly who does ? If the account wasn’t block, I wouldn’t have this problem)

Anyway, I’ve tried to use an Access Token given by facebook themselves, with the “facebook for developpers” page (creating an app, and all that goes with it) (honnestly, I don’t understand well all of it, I followed a tuto) 

Here is the start and the end of my code (with all the necessary module import before, like fbchat, apiai and others)

code 2.PNG

(for fbchat: https://fbchat.readthedocs.io/en/latest/api.html)

(I masked the infos of the bot’s fb account)

Does anyone know how to make fbchat in python connect the fb account without being detected as a threat ?

Maybe I just made mistakes…

A limiltess thanks by anticipation of your answers,

I spent tens of hours coding this bot, I’m so upset to see this account being blocked, and then deleted…

(The bot is helping our student class, with many helpfull and quick access functions, and I recently converted it to run it on a raspberry pi card, to make him being efficient everytime)

Great thanks for your answers

I just saw that the fb access token has a limited life time, which is about an hour, that’s may be a part of the reason that makes the account blocked…

Any other ideas to provide it to get blocked ?