Favicon trouble

I have looked thru this forum and tried different ideas to make my favicon work. I installed a favicon.ico in the root directory, then (when that didn’t work) I copied some code to the head of index.html, then (when that still didn’t work) I generated a whole set with realfavicongenerator.net, imported those and the code… still no luck. Any ideas?

URL: econexus.org (custom domain - took me days to get that right, too! I’m new…)

Repo: econexus/ecocentria 

It looks like even though you have the modern link rel tags pointing to your site’s favicon at different resolutions, you also have a favicon.ico that isn’t formatted correctly because it’s content type is showing as text/html whereas it should be x-icon. If you delete the favicon.ico file and deploy, things should work better for you.

I hope that helps!