Fatal: unable to access '//etc/gitconfig': Permission denied

Hello all,

I have been struggling for month on an issue with Git (Git Hub, Git Hub Desktop, VS Code CLI), using a mac.

Every command I’m using (in terminal or VS code) is giving me the following message fatal: unable to access ‘//etc/gitconfig’: Permission denied.

I have seen a lot of topics around this issue but no solution worked for me. I have the feeling that the issue is linked to my zsh file but even with changing PATH it doesn’t work.

I have used all ideas to fix this issue without any success.

Hope someone can help me figure out what is wrong on my computer.

Thanks’ for any support

ls -hald /etc /etc/gitconfig
sudo chmod 0644 /etc/gitconfig
ls -hald /etc/gitconfig

I should probably give a reference for why you’re seeing the error…

Basically git checks the system file and then your user file for customizations and then the repository file for local things, etc.

But someone probably used a fancy editor that made the global file unreadable by your user.


Hi jsoref,

Thanks’ for your feedback.

I have made some tricks and I guess I found the error. The gitconfig file it was looking for was not directly on the home/etc/ but on a /private folder on which I didn’t have permission. I changed it and it looks like it works correctly now. I will keep testing to make sure everything is ok.