fatal: this operation must be run in a work tree

Hey guys,

I’m geting this very annoying error when I run a GitHub action, I’m running the same steps in a Docker container without have this error.  

Here is the error

Here is a the action

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That error message comes from git:  it occurs when you run git in a directory that’s not a working tree (ie is a checked out repository).  Looking at your workflow, it looks like you’ve got successful runs now so it looks like you might have fixed your workflow.

Is that correct?  Or are you still facing this problem?


Yes, it was some fail in the bash script. I’m sorry just forgot to mark it as resoved issue. But I have other quesion - why this Action trigers 3 jobs? Is that somthing usual?

GitHub events have multiple activity types associated please see https://help.github.com/en/articles/events-that-trigger-workflows#release-event-release for detials on how to only trigger for a single activity type on an event.

I see, but your documentation is really vague, is not clear how this should be declared?

like this:

    types: [published]
      name: Auto docs

like that:

    types: [published]
    name: Auto docs

 As it described here https://help.github.com/en/articles/workflow-syntax-for-github-actions#onevent_nametypes

it fails with: 

No jobs defined in jobs

This one here https://help.github.com/en/articles/events-that-trigger-workflows#release-event-release

also doesn’t make any sense

    types: [published]

What is “project_column:”?

It’s very annoying because I have to guess, try and wait every time …