Fatal: refs/remotes/origin/HEAD cannot be resolved to branch

I seem to be unable to make a pull request. The original issue is here https://github.com/wolfpld/tracy/issues/404

I am using Git for Windows.


I forked tracy in github and tried to apply a small fix:

  • Fork GitHub - wolfpld/tracy: C++ frame profiler
  • Clone the fork (git clone git@github.com:tksuoran/tracy.git cd tracy/ git remote add wolfpld )
  • Create a branch (git checkout -b fix-operator-precedence)
  • Edit file
  • Make a commit (source git add and git commit)
  • Create pull request by pushing (git push origin --set-upstream origin fix-operator-precedence)

Last step gives me error:

fatal: refs/remotes/origin/HEAD cannot be resolved to branch

This was my bad, I wrote origin twice in the last command.

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Welcome to the forums @tksuoran Thank you for closing the loop - and great to see you solved your own problem :slight_smile: :clap:t2: