Fatal Error in Python.

I’m facing this problem for about 4 months I’ve searched everywhere but no solution.

Fatal Python error: initfsencoding: unable to load the file system codec
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘encodings’

Current thread 0x00004e04 (most recent call first):

my Os is Windows 10

please give me any solution when I can’t code anything it gives me that error. it happened after I installed another python 2 and I’m using python 3.

Thanks very much.

Hey @dragontiger321,

Thanks for being here! Have you tried to a__dd Python to environment variables in Advanced Options?

Yes, I’ve tried many times but still, this error is happening, and now there is no interpreter, it says it is missing.

Do I have to recover or backup my computer, I’m puzzled and can’t find any solution.

Thanks for your help.

I googled it and found a possibly related, now resolved python bug.

If you can, upgrade your Python 3 to the absolute latest, or downgrade to a working 3.x. It is also possible your Python 2 may be interfering: you might try de-installing both, then install _one_ of 2.x or 3.x (but not both).

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