Fatal: could not read Username for 'https://XXXXXX': No such device or address


Our company has an opensource project that we want to sync to drupal’s git repo.
So taking an inspiration from a drupal-based project, I took the relevant code and tweaked it a bit to fit our situation.

I do have the needed access to drupal’s project repo and I’m using the same credentials for this github actions.

The github actions yaml file is in provus/develop-sync.yml at 26a3f180516dadea9539065968906f088ae46790 · promet/provus · GitHub

I even explicitly added my username (icasimpan) to secrets.DRUPAL_REPO_URL but I still see the issue

fatal: could not read Username for ‘XXXXXX’: No such device or address

this can be seen in Test push · promet/provus@26a3f18 · GitHub

I wonder what I’m missing as I’ve tried anything I could find on the net but still failed.

Any hints greatly appreciated.


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After a lot of debugging, I finally figured out that the only viable git URL is


Therefore, DO NOT USE the format


even if it works when you commit from command line which I tested a lot of times.

Hope this helps someone else.