Fake conflicts after PR merge


I’ve never had to approve and merge a PR myself because I’ve never hosted my own unforked repository (I own a forked one though). But it seems that as soon as the original repo owner approves and merges one PR all other pending PRs suddenly find themselves in conflict with the owner’s newly updated master branch.

This is understandable since all pending PRs are still based on the previous revision of the newly updated master branch. But what is curious is why GitHub cannot automatically figure out that some conflicts are certainly “fake”, in particular when some pending PR was in fact already based on the just merged PR.

I can understand that a git merge may not always accept all changes from the merging remote branch. (I’m not sure if it’s the same for a GitHub PR merge.) But in my case, the owner clearly accepted all the changes of my PR.

I wonder if there’s a way for GitHub to stop flagging such spurious conflicts, as it induces hesitation when attempting to merge the other pending PRs; and furthermore, causes the creator of the pending PR to resort to some needless roundabout ways to resolve these fake conflicts.