Failure with a large query on production server, works locally

I’m developping a status page for the Yii Framework, and I end up performing a large query:

This works fine on my computer, and a teammate computer, but fails running on the production server.

Error reported is:  'A query attribute must be specified and must be a string.'

Running this query through the Explorer, I get a bad request.

I changed line endings, added spaces even though they are not needed, it still fails.

When I remove some repositories, at some point the query succeed. Running it again fails.

Any clue what might be going on?

Hey @machour,

Thanks for being here! At first glance, I believe this to be a server/data mismatch issue as explained in this post. Hopefully, someone else has an experience in their own workflow to add.

I don’t think that is the case @andreagriffiths11 as I don’t have any schema or data on my server, and I’m just performing a query that works fine on 3 setups, but not on my production server, with the exact same code.