Failure deployed on Github Pages

Good day! I ran into such a problem, no matter what I try to make changes to my repository on Github Pages, I constantly get “Failure” in Environments, please tell me how can I make changes to my repository on Github Pages without such an error? Help me please!

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is this the one you are referring?

it’s working correctly, where is the error?

I mean, if I try to add something to the repository on Gihub Pages, some changes to my website, Github Pages doesn’t update them, but writes a build error.

I tried to add or change something on Github Pages but gave an error every time. All errors are indicated in the photo in the Deployment history. Help please

is that GitHub Action? also, I cannot see the specific error of each

also another thing, there was a post here about the problem of submodules also on GitHub Pages, so he simply removed it, and his GitHub Pages was resolved, I’m not saying you have the same error, but it might be the case

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These errors show up on GitHub Pages. As soon as I make any change to the repository, I get this error for each change (for example, I made changes to index.html and style.css, tried to add files to a new folder (only .html, .css, .js))
I also thought that I needed to delete this repository, and then re-create the same one, but not the fact that it will work again.

I just tested now deploying a site then changing a content, the deployment does not give me error.

so I checked again the errors,

when I click the link, it says

it’s unauthorized access that’s why it’s an error

"The user 'System:PublicAccess;aaaaaaaa-aaaa-aaaa-aaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaa' is not authorized to access this resource."

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I haven’t looked at the errors in this section yet, they showed up as alerts in the Environments section, as shown in the photo I showed earlier. And if, I have such an error, as shown in your photo (I have not seen such an error), then in connection with what can there be unauthorized access?

When debugging, start with the first error. Later errors might be caused by the first failing step. In your case, that’s during checkout in the Pages build job: Trigger rebuild · ItProgrammist/ · GitHub

It looks like your repository contains a broken submodule configuration, so checkout fails, and because of that the Pages build never happens. How to fix the submodule depends on what the submodule should be. The name of the submodule looks like the repository references itself, which doesn’t really make sense. In that case just deleting the submodule should be enough. :slightly_smiling_face:


Please tell me, how can I delete this submodule?

Just delete it (in your local copy of the repository):

git rm

Then commit and push as usual. The diff should show you that a submodule (or “subproject”) is getting removed.


I already tried to do this, but this error appears:
Another problem

Huh, that’s odd. I wonder if your local repository isn’t at the same state as the one on GitHub? You can check git status and ls -al to compare.

I don’t understand what happened at all, but it worked. I just added a file, made a commit, made a push, and it worked. The only thing that confused me when I made the commit was: delete mode 160000 in the first photo

Here another problem arose, I don’t know in connection with what, but I’m interested. All files that are in the folders in the subPages folder have exactly the same errors.

That means the deletion of the submodule was committed there. The mode describe access permissions, but I’m not sure how those work on Windows. :wink:

That’s an error in your code, and the error message says exactly what the problem is. Load your scripts over HTTPS, not HTTP.

But before that they worked correctly, I did not change anything. Now I will look at my code again

Depends on when you last checked the site. Refusing to load scripts over HTTP on HTTPS sites is a security feature browsers gradually introduced over the last few years.

I had two same errors, I fixed everything from http to https. One’s gone, the other stayed

That’s essentially the same thing, just for a font instead of a script.