Failure at some stage in job installation


I’m evaluating github actions for building the conan package deal for qt on linux and windows supported compiler, but maximum of the jobs fail with error “Failed to down load motion ‘’. Error Response fame code does no longer suggest achievement: 401 (Unauthorized)”


I’m guessing this has some thing to do with the quantity of jobs (136) ? I idea the jobs would be commenced regularly so that there are most effective 20 jobs as you can see here started out at a given time.

Is there a way to workaround this error ?

Edit: I tried to reduce the quantity of jobs to 64, however it looks like roughly simplest the 20 first jobs began efficaciously run the checkout step

@kittensoul9 ,

Looks like the problem occurred on the checkout action, I opened the link you shared to try to check the detailed configurations of your workflows, but I did not find the workflows.

Please share the detailed configurations of the failed workflows with us, so that we can check configurations to analyze the root cause.

In addition, you can reference the following docs about checkout action to check if you have set the correct configurations: