Failing badge status for passing runs and filters not working correctly

Hi, anyone know why this status badge is showing “Failing”?

When the associated workflow is passing: here

Notice passing status of most recent actions.

Another issue I notice: runs are also appearing incorrectly at the above linked workflow from different workflows, set filter is “Deploy” but is also showing runs from the “OSMesa” workflow.

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There is an earlier reported topic about the similar issue:

Sometimes, we also encounter the same problem. After waiting a moment and refresh (or reopen) the web page, the status badge generally can correctly show the latest status.

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Thanks for the response @brightran. I did give it a while and a few refreshes, but I think it is a deeper problem because the badge is still showing “Failing”, and it’s a couple of days since the action passed now.

Hey there @OKaluza :wave:

Pinged our team on this one and discovered that the latest run for the Deploy workflow on the default branch was cancelled, which is why the badge is showing as failed.

However, as @brightran mentioned, there are some other threads that show evidence of similar behavior under different circumstances. While this particular thread has an answer, I want to make mention of some efforts going on internally, here.

There is refresh work happening that should help with erroneous failing tags being added to successful runs. There is no ETA that I can provide on this effort, and it specifically wouldn’t solve the problem here, but it should make that inadvertent tagging no longer a problem, once completed.

Thanks so much for raising this! :bow: