Failed to remove custom domain name on Github Pages


I removed my custom domain name on Github Pages, removed all github records from my DNS registrar, and added an A record that had nothing to do with Github. However, two hours later, visiting to my custom domain name still resulted in a 404 page of Github Pages. Ping my custom domain name and I still get four IP addresses of Github Pages. I confirm that there is no CNAME file in my rep.

What the hell is going on here? I have cleared my browser cache and tried to test on browsers on different devices, but still failed? It’s frustrating.

Hello and welcome here!

DNS records are cached at multiple levels (this is how the Internet works).

In your case the fact that you are getting a 404 from us means we stopped routing your custom domain to your previous page as expected.

Give your registrar a bit of time, your records will stop working soon when all caches expire. Depending on your previous setup it will likely take about 24 hours.

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Thank you very much! I think there’s something really weird going on with my DNS registrar. After waiting for two hours, I found that the CNAME that had been completely deleted appeared again! I contacted my domain registrar, who removed the entry for me, and my new record finally took effect. Thanks again!

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