Failed to connect your GitHub account to Discord

Whenever I try to connect my GitHub account to discord it gives me an ERROR saying “Failed to connect your GitHub account to Discord”.
In the GitHub account settings it shows up like my Discord account is connected to my GitHub and has access to it but It doesn’t show in my discord application, can someone please help me?


:wave: Welcome!

This can happen if you have more than one GitHub account, using the same email address (obfuscated, like and and try to connect both to a 3rd party service.

If that’s the case, you probably want to check and see if you can login using your other GitHub account.

If it’s not, you’ll want to speak to Discord.

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I don’t but thank you anyway, I will try and ask Discord for help :slight_smile:

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Did discord reply yet?

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Nope, nothing yet :confused:

Having the same issue, let me know if you find a solution :grinning:

Hi Maorldi! I had the same issue a while back and I found that when I logged out, then logged back into my Discord account, I was able to link my GitHub account correctly. I hope this helps!

I installed discord again and it worked for me

Hello Everyone, I found the solution for this problem.

No worries, just follow these steps, and should fix the problem in no time!
Go ahead and log out of both Discord and GitHub, After that clear the browser’s cache/try incognito or other browsers. Then log back into the GitHub/Discord account, then try to connect it again.

It should fix the problem, good luck everyone!