Failed to connect to relay

Getting this error all over the place.

  • Sometimes after using it for more than half an hour (as if the codespace does not recognize that I am still using it). Reconnecting afterwards results in the same error for at least an hour.
  • Sometimes if the Codespace is under heavy utilization. The same applies for reconnection - can’t reconnect for at least an hour.
  • Sometimes even more random.

It would be great to forcibly shut down the codespace and reopen it. So whatever hangs during the beta can be restarted.
Thank! I really like it so far.

Sorry you are hitting these issues. We are adding a Suspend option in the VS Code extension so you can force suspend the Codespace at any time if you use the VS Code desktop app. We will think about surfacing that action in the UI as well. Of course you shouldn’t have to force suspend to get out of this state, so we are also working on that.

There are a few different issues that can happen with resource starvation today (such as if you run a large build that maxes out CPU/RAM). Some recent architectural changes we made will allow us to apply resource limits and set process priorities in a way that will allow connections even while the system is under heavy load. Those changes are not done yet, but we are working towards that.

We’re also working on providing additional instance sizes since some repos just need more cores or more memory for reasonable build times.

All of these changes together should help fix the issues you’re seeing, but they will take a bit of time to implement. Hope that helps!

Yep, thanks for the answer. If you need an example repository. I am consistently running into the disconnect issue and I cannot really trace it down to just resource starvation, most of the times it just comes out of nowhere, without really utilizing the system.