Failed Invitations, Sharing two accounts

In 2017, I created one account to explore GitHub.  I created few publc repos and a few private repos.  I am finally begining to use GitHub in earnest, stating with the private ones.  I have invited some collaborators and they accepted it.  I wanted to use a different email I have. The idea is to begin use it more as a main private repo contributor.  I sent the invite.  I got the email, followed the email instructions and was getting 404.  There was indication saying a 404 means to login.  But the email has no GitHub account.   Believing the invitee needs an account,  I preceded to create a GitHub account.  I repeated the attempt to accept the invite and I still get the 404.   It appears GitHub is lost between my two emails addresses.   How do I resolve this?   The first email account was more of “playaround”  “Learn Github” account for the last 3 years.  Now that begining to use it more,  the goal was to have an offical company email address to be a main contributor, probably in the long run, take ownership of the repositories.  But for now, I just wanted ot invite the emailaddress to be a collorator, fist.   Does a collabotor require an GitHub Account?   

I was able to successfull invite the email address by first removing the initial invitation created when the email account did not have a GitHub account.   Once I created one I had to delete the invitaton and invite the UserID and this time received email allowed for a successful invitation.

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