Failed download of common actions on "Set up" job

I don’t understand why these errors occur.
12 minutes for set up :disappointed_relieved:


facing the same issue since last 3 hours… eventually deployment times out

Hi, I am facing the same problem since yesterday. The jobs do eventually execute, but action build time is increased by one thousand percent. Includes setup job delays, failure to download packages like actions/checkout@v2, and hangups on git clones/git checkouts.

See an example run: Strip submodules · solidi/hl-mods@ad0b388 · GitHub

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Same issue for us. Github Action Runs randomly getting cancelled.

Same problem. Runners do not pick up jobs or fail without any logs. GitHub status is still green though

Can't find any online and idle self-hosted or hosted runner in the current repository, account/organization that matches the required labels: 'ubuntu-latest'
Waiting for a self-hosted or a hosted runner to pickup this job...

Same problem and did not occur again until action was retried many times.

Looks to be the same as Read timeouts and errors from GitHub URLs

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might still be related to that problem, it’s still on-going,

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looks like its back up

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