`fail-fast: false` doesn't work on scheduled jobs?

I have a long-running job that runs on Windows & macOS every night. I have configured fail-fast: false which works as expected when my jobs run from a PR, but last night I had the nightly macOS build get cancelled 9 minutes after the Windows build failed.

Does fail-fast: false not work on scheduled jobs?
Is there anything else that could explain why my jobs are getting cancelled?

General feedback for GitHub Actions team I suppose would be putting a cancellation reason into the logs instead of just saying it was cancelled :slight_smile:

Hi @patrickhulce,

Glad to see you in Github Community Forum!

I created a workflow with schedule and set fail-fast as false, it works as expected, the latter matrix job can be completed without problem. My workflow for your reference:https://github.com/weide-zhou/schedulewf1/actions/runs/160225825

Hence, could you please check again? Please enable debug logging then you can get more error details.

If the issue persists, please kinldy share your repo for further investigation.


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Thanks for the response @weide-zhou! I will enable debug logging and try again.

If fail-fast isn’t to blame then there must be something else going on with the cancellation.

Is it documented anywhere the reasons a running job can be cancelled to narrow down my search?

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Hi @patrickhulce,

Thanks for your reply!

I don’t find related doc about why it’s cancelled, but typically it could be due to:
a. fail-fast value set to true, and one of the matrix job failed.
b. code issue, like variable value not set or incorrect, dependency not met…etc.
c. timeout, exceeds the 6hours limitation.
d. service error, hosted runner error, it’s temporary.

Hence, please double check to confirm whether it’s reproduced. If it is, you can enable debug logging, try to comment out some code for debug.

You can also share the repo here for further investigation.


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