Extreme functionality degredation

I’m just trying to use github in a basic manner, the same as I have with no problems for many years. However, about two weeks ago (between the 13th and 15th) everything seemed to break. I opened a topic in the discourse forum about being unable to make PRs any more, but here is a longer list of things I’ve found suddenly not working:

  1. Making PRs, either from the base or fork
  2. Viewing branches in the dropdown list
  3. Viewing commit information on a repo
  4. Viewing the activity feed on the homepage
  5. Filtering issues by milestone (I can click on the milestone, but no issues show up)
  6. Can’t drag images in to some text boxes (worked here, but not when I sent a similar message to github support)

My earlier topic about just PRs:

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Here’s an example of just one of these problems:

That will never load.

I have to believe this has something to do with it:

I have also seen a number of features just stop working lately. Simple things like buttons that do nothing, or links that should load new content but instead load a blank page.

When I’ve contacted GitHub about it, they basically say it’s my own fault for not using one of their 4 approved browsers, and I should change web browsers just to use this one site. :unamused: I do not have problems like this on any other website.

Hey @Y-Less @endolith :wave:

I’ve responded to the original thread, here:

I believe that this post shares the same root cause as the thread linked and am going to close this out, in favor of that OP.

Please feel free to reply if you think there is unique behavior here that I’m failing to acknowledge.

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