Extract Software Component from Linux FileSystem Without Execution

Hello Guys,

I have a problem I search a lot and got no answer so!

I need to get All software components included in the filesystem without executing them self
I mean I need a way to get all software components without executing the file system and get them like this command when we lunch from terminal dpkg -l any help, please

thank you!


What exactly do you mean by “software components”?

dpkg can show you all packages installed through it and their files. It can’t show you anything you installed manually (without the package manager). Whether that’s enough depends on what exactly you want.

Hello airtower-luna,

I mean by software component ‘‘package’’ in Linux like you see here this command dpkg -l
return all packages in the system the idea of me is how to get the same package but with a directory of filesystem not executed like dpkg -l path_filesystem to get packages of specific folder not the root or the running system is it clear?

Not clearer at all, I’m afraid. What does “a specific folder” have to do with the packages? Are you looking for packages in chroot environment or container filesystem or something?

If you just don’t want to call dpkg you could try to gather the information you need from /var/lib/dpkg, but that might take some work.

look at picture 1 dude this folder contain a linux file system okay ? so I need to extract from this folder the packages contained on it … exactly like what we do with dpkg -l in running system like you see in picture 2 but this system not run is it clear now ?