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Fresh out of the GitHub oven :pie: from us to you, new updates:

  • Learn how to use GitHub with our checklist: No one knows better than us how much there is to learn in GitHub so we were inspired to create a new user checklist to help you get the hang of things and begin learning. New user or looking to brush up on the basics? Begin working on our checklist!
  • View the Community check-in survey results: We’re excited to report back on what you shared and what we learned from the survey we ran with community members in February. Check it out!
  • GitHub Education Community has a new home: As of April 4, the GitHub Education Community Forum has moved to GitHub Discussions. For questions on student packs, Classroom, and more on your education journey, join the conversation on GitHub Community.

:bookmark: Reading Material :books:

  • From the GitHub Blog: Career tips for beginner developers! Pick up some advice on fundamentals, picking languages to learn, social media presence, interviewing, and more from GitHub’s very own Rizel Scarlet, @blackgirlbytes, of our developer relationships team. Read her advice to get some tips.

Shoutouts :mega: Thanks to these community members for keeping it :100:

  • @gitstua‘s chimed in with additional resources on this post. Just because someone has already answered, doesn’t mean you can’t offer more resources, a fresh perspective, or advice.
  • New community member, @olavfosse, asked a great question in their first post that plenty of members could benefit from knowing, but they still need an answer! Chime in to help them out!

Have any career tips of your own for any beginner developers or those in the tech space, we’d love to hear them in the comments section!