External dependecies when running unit tests. How to handle them in Github Actions.

I am writing a client library and have intergration tests. On my local Windows machine they start a copy of Gotify the windows exe and execute their tests. I store the location of the exe in a env variable how would I replicate this on Github Actions for each OS?

Do I have to commit the complied program for each OS and use an Action to put them into the conainter then execute them and run the tests? Should I just setup a selfhosted gotify server they can talk to. If I did how could I safely store the login details so people can’t see it.

You can use ‘jobs.<job_id>.strategy.matrix’ to separate for each OS, and install Gotify accordingly. Code sample as below:

name: gotify
on: [push]
  gotifydownloadurl: https://github.com/gotify/server/releases/download/v2.0.14

        os: [windows-latest, ubuntu-latest]
          - os: windows-latest
            build: windows-amd64.exe
          - os: ubuntu-latest
            build: linux-amd64
    runs-on: ${{ matrix.os }}
      - name: download the zip file
        shell: bash
        run: |
          curl -L -O $gotifydownloadurl/gotify-${{ matrix.build }}.zip
          ls -al
      - name: unzip files
        shell: bash
        run: |
          unzip gotify-${{ matrix.build }}.zip
          ls -al
      - name: install on windows
        if: runner.os == 'Windows'
        shell: bash
        run: ...
      - name: install on linux
        if: runner.os == 'Linux'
        shell: bash
        run: ...

I’m not sure how you use Gotify server for the test, if you would like to safely login, you can use encrypted secrets to store the passwords. Hope it helps!