Extension Paste Image is not working

Hi there,
I have a problem with an extension called Paste Image.
Paste Image is an extension that allows pasting image to VSCode and handles it.

I got an error when I tried to paste an image to VSCode
Do you have any idea for the problem?

Reproduce steps

  1. Install Paste Image extension
  2. Install xclip by using terminal (sudo apt install -y xclip)
  3. Copy an image to your clipboard
  4. Paste the image to VSCode

Actual behavior

There is not a image in clipboard.

Source: Paste Image (Extension)

Expected behavior

Create image file and paste their path to file on the current editor,

This extension looks like it’s using a command line tool to deal with the clipboard (specifically xclip). The problem with that is that it will not execute in the browser, and therefore not see the clipboard. The extension would need to be modified to use out-of-box clipboard APIs with VS Code (if possible). Would you mind opening an issue with the extension author? You can refer them to the guide here: https://code.visualstudio.com/api/advanced-topics/remote-extensions#using-the-clipboard

Hi @Chuxel !
Thank you for the informatiion.
Sure! I’ll create an issue or pull request on the extension repository.

Thank you for the information. I solve my error.

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