Expression syntax, string interpolation inside expression scope

Hello, I am trying to call a function and pass an string where I want to interpolate a github expression, what is the syntax to do it?

My specific case is I built a composite action and I want to call hashFiles function with path: ’${{ inputs.dir }}/path/to/file' something like:

${{ hashFiles('${{ inputs.dir }}/path/to/file') }}

The problem is that the syntax is wrong, I think I don’t need ${{ }} to specify inputs.dir because I already open a expression scope, but I don’t know how to interpolate the expression inside the path.

Nested expressions are not supported, but this should do the trick:

${{ hashFiles(format('{0}/path/to/file', inputs.dir)) }}

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Thank you. If nested expressions are not supported, format looks like a good solution.