Expose wiki_access_to_pushers option in repos API

I recently stumbled across a tool that allows you to disable wiki access in all the repositories within an organization. (GitHub - MarshallOfSound/disable-wikis: A CLI tool to quickly disable wikis for an entire organiza) This is fairly close to what I’d like to do, but instead of disabling wiki access, I’d like to enable the setting to only allow contributors to publish.

I dug down a bit and found in the frontend of the site, the checkbox is called wiki_access_to_pushers. I attempted to issue an update using the API, replacing the existing has_wiki parameter with wiki_access_to_pushers (and also modifying octokit to accept this), but it doesnt appear that the API lets me use this value at all. It had zero effect.

Is this just not possible right now? and if so, how do we get it exposed in the API?


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