Exporting Data from Ms Access VBA to Json language

Dear All;

I need help on how to serialize the data from MS Access VBA to Json , the data will be used by some other programs, and so Json is coming as way of provide a better data exchange property. I have installed Json Discretionary as part of Ms Access VBA project to help serialize/de-serialize the data.

For de-seliarize here is the code below:

Public Sub Example()
Dim JSONString As String
JSONString = “{”“Name”":"“Value”"}"
Set JSON = New cJSON
Dim D As Dictionary
Set D = JSON.Deserialize(JSONString)
If (JSON.IsOk()) Then
MsgBox D.Item(“Name”)            'shows Value
MsgBox JSON.ShowWhyNotOk()
End If
Set D = Nothing
Set JSON = Nothing
End Sub

The problem is how to do the same if I want to send the data to the requesting external program. I admit I’m still new to this forum and I have no experience in VBA/Json.

I want to exchange the following fields from Ms Access Tables (tblcustomerinvoice/tblInvoicedetails)
(1) Customer Name (String)
(2) Invoice number (Integer)
(3) Address (string)
(4) Quantities sold (Double)
(5) Selling Price as (Double)
(6) Total Value (Double)

Any idea here will be highly appreciated