Experiencing difference between local site and github.io page


I am seeing some differences between my local site and what I see when I click on my github.io page. 

Here’s the local site:

and here is how it looks when I access it via <https://d5nguyen.github.io/whatsfordinah/Contact.html>:

Can someone kindly explain to me what is going on? I have looked into Jekyll but it appears it’s used primarily for Ruby? and I am only using basic HTML and CSS at the moment. 

Thanks in advance for your help! Here’s the link to my repository: https://github.com/d5nguyen/whatsfordinah

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Hi @d5nguyen,

Thanks for being here! Would you mind sharing a link to your repo so we can take a look?.



thanks for the reminder! I’ve added it to my original message :slight_smile:

Hi @d5nguyen,

I’m not certain why there’s a difference between your local site and the repository unless you pushed up a change that triggered a build error, but it looks like your <** header>** tag has “display: flex” on it which makes the style difference between your local site and your site on GitHub Pages.

Hope that helps you track down the problem! If I can help more, please let me know. Thanks!

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hey thanks, that-pat for your response. I had commented that code out since at the time I wanted to save it in case I needed it so I don’t think it was really affecting the display. I’ve since deleted that code and for some reason the issue remains…still unclear

I figured it out!! I wrapped my form with a div that was assigned as a “row” class and that made it all wonky. I copied that form from a previous project and so inherited some of the quirks. 

Thank you again for your contribution!!

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You’re very welcome! I’m glad that you got it sorted. :slight_smile: