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Why my task stuck like this :

Thank you

@gponty ,

Please check with the below steps:

  1. Open Checks tab to check whether the Required check ( Deploiement master ) is really executed.

  2. If the required check is not really executed, you can open the Settings tab of your repository and navigate to Branches > Branch protection rules , open the rules you have set, find the option " Require status checks to pass before merging" to check if you have set " Deploiement master" as " Required" in the list, disable it.

If you have marked some checks as " Required" for PR in your repository, every time when you run checks for a PR, the required checks will be listed in the PR. If a required check is not included in the actually executed checks for the PR (that means no job in the workflows which run for the PR can match this required check), this check will stuck here to prevent the PR from being merged.

In this situation, you need to disable this required check in the related branch rules. In most cases, this is because you had deleted the job or changed the job (renamed it) from the workflows, but did not to update the branch rules.

For example:

I had set the two checks " Build" and " Trigger Azure pipeline run" as " Required". But the job " Trigger Azure pipeline run" was not actually executed because I had removed it from the workflow, it stuck here.

So I go to update the branch rules to disable " Trigger Azure pipeline run".

Then reopen/refresh the page of the PR, all checks were passed, and I can merge the PR.


@gponty ,

How are things going? Is my above suggestion helpful to you?

If you have any question about this ticket, feel free to tell me.

Thank you @brightran ! That’s help me !

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Hi, I am having the same symptom of never-ending required check, but related to PR path filters configured in the appropriate Azure Pipelines YAML.

Azure guys state it should return “Neutral” status when the path fiter does filter out the build, but for me it gets stuck forever

Could you please advise?

Hey folks,

We’re getting the same issue on our organization - we average about 20 pull requests a day and are experiencing this every 2 days or so. It only happens with the dependabot check: it seems that (for us at least) this comes up quite frequently, and disabling branch protection is not a particularly constructive solution.

@brightran if you would like some extra data to analyse this issue, we’d be happy to help.