Expected behavior when a CODEOWNER submits a PR

I have looked through the documentation and I actually don’t see a documented defined behavior for the following:

If a user is CODEOWNER and they submit a change to the file that they own, What is expected to happen? The context here is when you require codeowner approvals and there is a single code owner.

It seems like it doesn’t allow the codeowner to be a reviewer, which makes sense. However I don’t see that actual fallback behavior documented. It looks like an approval will free the merge button up, but I am posting this as I had a user who is a codeowner report that they could not merge even with a random approval. This may be user error or githubs PR system having a quick non reproducible bug, but it led me to the question of what is the documented expected behavior for this scenario.



I’m trying to configure my repo so that when a codeowner submits a PR, he shouldn’t need any other codeowner to approve. Is that possible?

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