Expand teams to individual members in CODEOWNERS file

we have a small team (~5) of developers that we want to be added as reviewers on any PR across a dozen or so repos. this group will change over time (say, quarterly), so we don’t want to hard-code this list into our CODEOWNERS file. we thought putting them together in a github team and adding that team as a repo CODEOWNER, but this does not work as we expected: we expected that each of the 5 developers would be added as a PR reviewer, but instead “the team” is as a _single entitey_, and as soon as any one of them has done their PR, that’s the end of the story.

is there a way to add a group of 5 distinct people as default PR reviewers on multiple repositories without hard-coding those 5 people in every CODEOWNERS file?

Hi rzachlamberty! Adding a team to CODEOWNERS does indeed behave as you describe, where a response from one member counts as the whole team acting, so other members would no longer be prompted to review.

I’m afraid adding the individuals into the various CODEOWNERS files is the way to go at the moment, sorry! The product team are doing a lot of work on GitHub organizations, trying to improve their usability, so perhaps you’d like to submit a feature request through our official product feedback form so that you can tell them about your pain points and suggest how you’d like things to work?

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