Event check_run on Jenkins GIT PLUGIN completion

I’ve added a workflow which gets triggered on check_run. As I understand it should get triggered whenever a certain check runs on a PR and post status back to the PR, is my understanding correct?

I build my PR by commenting a certain phrase which triggers it’s build in Jenkins (through the GIT plugin). Once the build complete I want to detect that event and trigger a workflow. But it does not get triggered.

Please let me know what could be the issue here or how can I achieve this.

I’m running into (what I think is) the same problem: actions that should be triggered on check_run don’t start and I don’t know why.

Has anyone ran into a similar issue?

I am not able to reproduct this issue and I do see actions getting triggered by check_run in our telemetry.  Are you still experiencing this issue?  Could you point me at an example?