Even Github has Issue or

  1. The other day I joined “GitHub Developer Program”.
    Then I got a badge like on my github profile.
    I rejoined “GitHub Developer Program” and all of the sudden the badge disappeared and never show up again.

  2. I have 55 public repositories on my github. And they have more than 3 stars respectively.
    So the number of stars are totally more than at least 100.
    But the number of stars is 50 and never be getting bigger.

If anybody knows about this kinda “ISSUE”, help me out.
Thanks in advance.

PS: my github account is (aifeelit (@C_Hunter) · GitHub)

you may want to check it again,


as far as I can remember, it was not this way in the past, they updated it how to register

I tried that several times but no difference.

then, you may want to try posting at the product team