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Hello to All, 

I know this may not be the right place to ask this but I need help and have exhausted all avenues I can think of. I am looking for a phone number for Ethereum customer service. I have found some numbers on line but I fear they are not legitimate.  I found two phone numbers and each time the person answering ask if they could load onto my computer remotely. That doesn’t sound legit. 

If if you can help me I would appreciate it.

Thank you and kind regards,


Hi @sadpuppy,

I’m not sure Etherium has a phone number or traditional customer support. You could try getting help in the Etherium Community though.


Hi @sadpuppy,

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That-pat is right. Ethereum isn’t a currency exchange with a toll free helpline, it’s really a tool-kit for making custom crypto currencies, assets and smart contracts; it uses the ethereum currency to fuel (or gas) blockchain growth and rewards.

Pehaps you might address any questions to the Ethereum development team? There’s a few lurking here on Github, such as Ethereum Founder and technical lead Jeffrey Wilcke >