ETH 3070 and 3080 mining help!

before i start this is my first time posting on here. im a total noob
sorry in advance

just today i got a rtx3070 and the issue is that ETH miner wont mine. i have a 3080 and 3 rx580. after hooking up the 3070 eth miner (gminer, nbminer, phoenix miner) wont allow me to run both of the 30 series cards. i have tried drivers which only allows one of the 30 series cards to work. either 3070 or 3080, i cant mine with both cards together. it works well with rvn coin miners. which is strange.
im on windows 10. asus b250 motherboard. intel pent. 2 1600 evga.
ive tried running a virtual machine. no luck

my question is
can i run both 3080 and 3070 on eth ???