Establishing a verfiable track record

Hello everyone

My apololgies for re-posting this (as I am completely new to GitHub and have only just found this). I am completely new to GitHub and I hope I have come to the right place, as this site was recommended to me. I am not a programmer (but know someone who is). My problem is more of a coneceptual one and would greatly appreciate help or ideas to what I regard as a “Catch 22” situation.

I have developed a hedge fund model that generates recommendations on long and short positions on a daily basis. I now need to prove that it works by submitting a recommendation to some address/ platform, i.e. establish a track record.

The catch is that in order to make this verifiable, I should not be allowed to make changes to the recommendations less than 40 minutes before the market in Wall Street opens (09:30 EST) on that given day. As I would presumably be the administrator of such a construction, how would I verifiably keep myself from doing so or in other words credibly, in the eyes of prospect investors, keep myself from “cheating”?

I imagine there are many great investment ideas out there that cannot access funding (from investors) for the same reason!

Any ideas of this – even a general sketch in the way of a set-up - would be greatly appreciated!

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Store your predictions on some public blockchain beforehand. If you pick a network large enough, the people you’re trying to convince can be very sure you didn’t play dirty.