espclock initialization

I have an espclock. It uses a esp8266 chip. To initialize, the setup says to type “esp-clock-3ca883” in a web browser where 3ca883 is the ‘ID’ of the unit. It takes me to a list of websites outlining how to construct a clock where it is supposed to connect to the unit… The alternative setup is using wi-fi at 2.4 Ghz, hold the setup button while powering on. It then flashes “USE APP” where the “espwatch” is the app downloaded from the app store. It does not find the unit. It is cycling between “88:88:88:88”, the ID (3ca883) and the address which cannot be found since the modem I have does not allow direct contact via the router address I suspect that the adress is supposed to be the adddress that the setup proceedure created for the unit. . Or if just powered on, it alternates between 3ca883 and “-------”

Is there an alternate setup for this unit or suggestions as to what I am doing wrong. Or is the unit ‘bricked’

I think, you can ask the ESP8266 Community Forum for that