ESP8266 as WiFi for Arduino UNO. Help!!

Hi, my name is riky :smiley:
im new on esp8266
i just want to make esp8266 as a wifi for my UNO
i have try someway, but still no results.

plese help me…

I have 3 boards wifi :

  1. 2 pcs ESP8266 07
  2. 1 pcs ESP8266 01

i have try all of them and fail when i give AT command (no response)

this is my configuration :

  • 3,3V for esp
  • flasher =
  • firmware =
  • Vin to 3.3V (arduino or USB TTL)
  • CH_PD to 3.3V (arduino or USB TTL)
  • GND to GND Arduino
  • TX to TX
  • RX to RX (i have try reverse and TX RX to TX RX is better, nothing shown when i do reverse) 

this is the results ESP8266 07 :

1st run serial monitor

2nd reset esp

3rd rest esp and next will be like this

sometime when i changed the firmware to the newest serial monitor not shown a random character.

sometime almost all random character.

i think the firmware is OK, i did it right
i’ve been use another flasher and some firmware the result is same, some of them give a random character, and ‘Ai,Thinker Technology Co. Ltd. ready’ in the last line. 

but still no response for AT command,
even the last word is ‘READY’, but no response for AT command.

whats wrong ? please help me, i really need thiss :frowning:

note: sorry for my bad english.



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