Esp8266/Arduino WifiClient with TSL 1.2 support

I’m developing a small control system for my home heating system, using the nodemcu esp-12E with the IFTTT interface to turn the heat pumps on and off.
To do this I use the webhooks service of IFTTT, which allows to trigger the action with the simple request of a URL (get or post).
The problem is that it is an HTTPS protocol with TLS 1.2, so I could not use the WiFiClient class, but I guess I should use WiFiClientSecure.
Unfortunately there are no examples, so I can not understand how to write the code.
It works also with simple HTTP protocol but I would like to avoid it for safety reasons (someone could control my heating system as he likes!).
Could anyone help me?
Thanks in advance.

You may want to check out or subscribe to this issue for updates on the documentation of WiFiClientSecure.