Errored - Please verify your email address to run GitHub Actions workflows

### ERRORED 06:57:59Z

- Please verify your email address to run GitHub Actions workflows.

For some reason, our workflow, is failing when run in the main repo, but not from the PR branch.

The error message is the one above, is it possible that’s related to some missing organization settings?

Could you check your email settings page: 

Have you verified your email? 


My personal profile e-mail settings are fine (I run actions on lot’s of repositories e.g.

I can also run actions on other organization repos (e.g.

But for some reason they are still failing for fabric8io/kubernetes-client :frowning:

Can you run actions in other repositories in fabric8io? Please try to disable actions for fabric8io/kubernetes-client, then enable again, could this help? 

If you need to resolve it in hurry, you could contact to Github Support

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Seems like disabling and enabling GH Actions in the affected repo did the trick. Will confirm when next merge to master finishes.


I think we’ve narrowed down the problem.

Probably our bot user is the one missing the e-mail address.

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I found that you have resolved your issue. The workflow could be triggered in your repo kubernetes-client now. Congratulations! 

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Workflow actions are finally working.

The missing email configuration was on the user issuing the GitHub Action:


So, yes, modifying this user’s email settings worked.