Error: You have been queuing too many workflow runs

I’m getting the error “You have been queuing too many workflow runs.” when trying to run a GitHub action. The repository in question is:
The organization is part of an Enterprise account and other repositories with the exact same workflow run fine so the error is unlikely to be the real error. Maybe related to this is that I can see an old workflow in the Actions tab named “.github/workflows/release.yml” that I can’t get rid of.
Does anyone have a suggestion how I can make this work before I file a support ticket?

Hi @siemensikkema,

I forked your repo and the issue cannot be reproduced on my side, looks it’s repository specific.
What about delete .github/workflows folder and recreate it? If it doesn’t work, i suggest to raise a support ticket directly:


@weide-zhou Thanks for trying! I already tried deleting that folder and then reverted my commit but no luck. Guess I’ll have to raise a support ticket.