error with Rmblast toolkit

I’m getting errors when I run ‘make install’ for ncbi-blast-2.6.0±src. The configure runs successfully, but here are the errors I get after running ‘make install’:

sudomakeinstalliftest-d /home/o/RM/ncbi-blast-2.6.0+-src/c++/ReleaseMT/bin/gbench;then\
fimake[1]: ingresso nella directory"/home/o/RM/ncbi-blast-2.6.0+-src/c++"/bin/rm -rf /usr/local/rmblast/include/ncbi-tools++
/usr/bin/install -c -d /usr/local/rmblast/bin /usr/local/rmblast/lib /usr/local/rmblast/include/ncbi-tools++
/usr/bin/install -c /home/o/RM/ncbi-blast-2.6.0+-src/c++/ReleaseMT/bin/* /usr/local/rmblast/bin
/usr/bin/install -c -m 644 /home/o/RM/ncbi-blast-2.6.0+-src/c++/ReleaseMT/lib/*.* /usr/local/rmblast/lib
iftest-d /home/o/RM/ncbi-blast-2.6.0+-src/c++/ReleaseMT/lib/ncbi;then\
cp-pPR /home/o/RM/ncbi-blast-2.6.0+-src/c++/ReleaseMT/lib/ncbi /usr/local/rmblast/lib/;\
firm-f /usr/local/rmblast/lib/lib*-static.a
        /bin/ln -s"$x""`/usr/bin/basename \"$x\" .a`-static.a";\
donecd/home/o/RM/ncbi-blast-2.6.0+-src/c++/include&&find* -name CVS -prune -o -print|\
            cpio -pd /usr/local/rmblast/include/ncbi-tools++
51193 blocchi
/usr/bin/install -c -m 644 /home/o/RM/ncbi-blast-2.6.0+-src/c++/ReleaseMT/inc/* /usr/local/rmblast/include/ncbi-tools++
/usr/bin/install: directory'/home/o/RM/ncbi-blast-2.6.0+-src/c++/ReleaseMT/inc/common'omessa
Makefile:40: recipefortarget'install-toolkit'failed
make[1]: ***[install-toolkit]Error 1
make[1]: uscita dalla directory"/home/o/RM/ncbi-blast-2.6.0+-src/c++"Makefile:62: recipefortarget'install'failed

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