Error while setting instagram python

I am trying to setup instabot on Cloudflare but when I am trying to run the file, I am getting the following error msg. can you plz tell me how to fix this?

file “/home/pinkpinnacle/”, line 6 in <module>

from src import instabot

file “/home/pinkpinnacle/”, line 1 in <module>

from .instabot import instabot

file “/home/pinkpinnacle/”, line 22 in <module>

from fake_useragent import useragent

importerror: No module name fake_useragent


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Hi @pinkpinnacle ,

Could I see the code in or at least the link to your GitHub files? That would help.

But for now, my suggestion is you maybe missed something or did a typo with the files. Have you even created (or have) a module called fake_useragent? Or could it be that it’s in the wrong folder or something?

And then again, sometimes it could be the editor itself malfunctioning. You could also try creating a new project in that editor and then putting all your files and code there again. Sometimes when I have a problem like that, that’s my solution. :grinning:

  • Zoe K.
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