Error while pushing docker images to docker hub

I randomly experience the following error while pushing docker images to Docker Hub:

The push refers to repository [***]
979895a12914: Preparing
2903c2dc4cfe: Preparing
8075c2398858: Preparing
9c3c38114531: Preparing
6cebf3abed5f: Waiting
8075c2398858: Retrying in 5 seconds
8075c2398858: Retrying in 4 seconds
979895a12914: Pushed
4ed91f47d9e5: Retrying in 3 seconds
edab7a55a849: Pushed
4ed91f47d9e5: Retrying in 2 seconds
8075c2398858: Pushed
4ed91f47d9e5: Retrying in 1 second
error creating overlay mount to /var/lib/docker/overlay2/8df18ec92d92d24868d3392c103e35feaab932251331c069a5adc46909e11367/merged: device or resource busy
##[error]Process completed with exit code 1.

There’s an upstream issue already solved at docker/for-linux#711, the problem is a regression with overlay2.

It seems that the most recent 19.03.3 docker release fixes it, but the most recent ubuntu-latest environment only ships 3.0.6 (build a63faebc).