Error while cloning

I receive this error while cloning repository
Anotação 2020-11-02 222755
I have ssh key on my account , but i still receive the error.

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Would you mind going into more detail? What command are you using to clone the repo?

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Hey, thanks for the reply.
im not using any command.
Im just using GitDesktop clone feature from the repository page.

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Are you the owner? Are you logged in? Is the repo archived?

Im not the owner of this repository, but i have the same error on my own repository too.
Yes i am logged in, i tried reinstalling the app, but i still have the same error.

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can you try cloning the repo from your command line? then it would prove that its the app and not the repos.

yes, i can clone the repo from the command line, but im getting such low download speed ( 50kbps ).

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maybe its your internet

Yeah, I tried it too. I think the issue is your internet speed.

idk, i have this issue with this platform only. Anyway, i will try another way to get the source i want, maybe with another platform. Thanks for the help.

let me know if you need anything else :slight_smile: