Error when running a Build with maven

Hey All,

We have been using Github Actions since couple of weeks without any problem, starting form today i’ve a problem in my pipeline . Any idea or explantation

Error: Failed to execute goal on project http: Could not resolve dependencies for project org.thingsboard.transport:http:jar:2.4.3: Failed to collect dependencies at com.sun.winsw:winsw:exe:bin:2.0.1: Failed to read artifact descriptor for com.sun.winsw:winsw:exe:bin:2.0.1: Could not transfer artifact com.sun.winsw:winsw:pom:2.0.1 from/to maven-default-http-blocker ( Blocked mirror for repositories: [jenkins (, default, releases)] → [Help 1]



Hey @mrad-bilel were you able to resolve the issue in the meantime?

If not, does the project build fine locally?

Starting from maven 3.8.1 http requests (that is, not https) are blocked. Please make sure you don’t use repository configurations with http.

Problem resolved by using a mirror

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