Error User could not be added

I have a private repository that I’m trying to add a friend to but every time I try to add them it says “User could not be added” I don’t know what’s causing the problem any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

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:wave: Welcome!

Whenever I’ve seen this before it’s usually because of a setting on the other person’s account. I’d recommend you ask them to contact support.

What setting is it that your talking about?

It can be a number of things really. The best bet is for the account holder to contact support.

Hey there, so the user they were trying to add to the repository was me but they couldn’t because of that error that I’m unaware of what could be causing that to happen

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:wave: Welcome @VoltrexMaster

We don’t discuss account specifics in the public forums. I can see that you’ve opened a ticket so hopefully you’ll hear back shortly!

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