Error: These packages do not match the hashes from the requirements file

Hi, I seem to be getting this error in the ‘Install dependencies’ step of my CI. (See this for the exact error:

The odd thing is that re-running the jobs usually fixes this issue. However, it’s frustrating to have to do this on every commit. Is this something I can fix on my end? Or is this a problem with PyTorch / GitHub actions?

Thank you!

Hi @calebchiam
From the broken workflow log, we found that there was a problem (Expected sha256 is inconsistent with actual) when you installed torch. Can you try install this package again forcing it to download a fresh copy with --no-cache-dir . Similar case here.
By the way, we found that the version you specified torch is >= 0.12, you can try to use another version number listed in this link.

Hi @niconbw, thanks for the recommended fixes! The update to the torch version no. resolved the issue.