Error setting up job: failed to load actions/setup-java/v1/action.yml

My workflow is failing on setup job step. Somebody, please advise how to handle that:

Download action repository 'actions/setup-java@v1'
##[error]/home/runner/work/_actions/actions/setup-java/v1/action.yml: (Line: 16, Col: 3, Idx: 552) - (Line: 16, Col: 3, Idx: 552): While parsing a block mapping, did not find expected key.
##[error]Unexpected type '' encountered while reading 'action manifest root'. The type 'MappingToken' was expected.
##[error]Fail to load /home/runner/work/_actions/actions/setup-java/v1/action.yml

Part of my workflow configuration that calls the action:


  runs-on: ubuntu-latest

  - uses: actions/checkout@v1
  - uses: actions/setup-java@v1
      java-version: '11.0.5'
      architecture: x64

Please let me know if some other context is needed.

The issue has been fixed in actions/setup-java repository. Workflow works now.

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