Error retrieving addLabelsToLabelable via GraphQL

I’m executing this query. 

mutation {
  addLabelsToLabelable(input: {labelIds: ["MDU6TGFiZWwxMTY1MDg0MTQy"], labelableId: "MDExOlB1bGxSZXF1ZXN0Mjg4MzIzNzcz"}) {

and getting this error. 

Something went wrong while executing your query. Please include `E17A:697A:F6C135:1D98082:5D03C24A` when reporting this issue.

However, when I run the same query in this script or github graphql exploer, it works.

I’ve used this query for 4 months, but it started not to work since 14 Jun. I’ve been using this in github action and not only me it happens. do you know why? Thanks.

Looks like it’s been addressed in the intervening time. Let us know if you continue to run into this problem!

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